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If you know Denmark a little you know that Denmark is a surprising country with nice landscapes, beaches and a lot of nature!

The biggest part of Denmark is Jylland, the part that reaches out to Germany and has fantastic coastlines with beautiful beaches at the west side of Jylland. On the island Sjæland you find the head capital Copenhagen, a very beautiful “world” city! And then we have a lot, thousands, of small islands who are beautiful and full of Danish culture.

But this website is going about FYN, the garden of Denmark as the Danish people call it there selves. Fyn is the second biggest island of Denmark after Sjæland and keeps Denmark together. Citizens of Fyn says that Fyn is keeping Denmark together because when Fyn was not there Sjæland was part of Sweden and Jylland part of Germany!


Fyn is a fantastic island to hold your vacation on. Nice cities, lots of nature and nice friendly people who are always helping you to find your way . Fyn has global the same kind of structure in landscape but some parts have special things and those parts we want to show you. North Fyn is on the east side  interesting because of the nice coast line with deep water fjords coming into the island. West, north Fyn is a quiet part and very nice to walk and bicycle.

East Fyn from Nyborg down to Svendborg has many nice places you can visit and a tour by car or bicycle is worth seeing.  The south-west part  of Fyn is the most visit part with places as Svendborg, Faaborg and Assens as touristic places that you must visit.

West Fyn is also a quiet part and nice for people who likes rest and peace.

It is so that you will not find any place on Fyn where you find lots of people, Fyn is in general quiet, peaceful and relaxing.



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We are not an tourist office so please do not ask us to send some brochures or documentation. If you have special questions we advise you to contact the tourist office.




Fyn data:

Fyn is  2984  square KM

447000 Citizens live on Fyn

Main city Odense

Surround by Little Belt and Great Belt



Odense is birth city oHans Christian Andersen




Sortelung was the birth city of composer Carl Nielsen






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